Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Inviting Our Creative Souls to Dance: Our 1st Official Soul Sister Studio Circle

Hello there beautiful souls!

I know it has been awhile but I have been diligently working at planning our Soul Sister Studio "PoP Up" event. My Soul Sisters and I got together in a circle last week to collaborate on ideas for the event and to make our own intention candles. We are so excited about the journey we are setting off on together and one day moving into a permanent space. With your support we know this will be possible.  

Soul Sister Saturday is going to be a fun event including intuitive painting, tribal fusion belly dance demos, make your own intention candles, sacred circle creative writing prompts and a boatload of books to explore on creativity, spirituality, health and healing. We also have a couple of surprises and some giveaways!

Today I have a blog post from my very talents sister Melissa, where she shares with you an inside glimpse into one of our circles and what you can expect. 

Last weekend Jennifer held a gathering of the Soul Sisters to create intention candles as a preparation circle for the upcoming Soul Sisters Studio pop up event in May. Its purpose not only served as a way for us to become familiar with creating the candles so we could better the experiences of the women attending the event but also so we as individuals could set our own personal intentions.

My intention for the circle was CREATE. I choose this intention simply because I want to add more creation into my life. Be it through relationships, writing, or in this case art. 
My candle theme presented itself after Jennifer had choose a card from the Earth Magic deck. Mine was Summer Solstice and Radiance. After reading the meaning the card: to be in nature. It confirmed for me that my intention of CREATE was perfect for this circle because where else but in nature does the most magnificent creation take place? It was from the meaning of this card that I gained my inspiration. 

I rummaged through the tissue paper, stickers and magazine clippings before me and found what spoke to my intention and theme of being in nature. I choose colorful paper birds, the word CREATE formed from stickers and a background of printed leaf tissue paper. Now here is the tricky part for me; putting it all together so that it looks amazing. 

I have never thought of myself as an artist. To be honest I have butchered a few stick figures in my day and when your sister is a creative genius it can lead to the idea that nothing you glue, cut or paint will ever be as pleasing and beautiful as what someone else has done.

However, I always jump at the chance to attend one of Jennifer's circles because of the energy she and the other Soul Sisters bring into the room and into my life. It's the conversations and the sound of paper being torn or seeing a tube of bright yellow paint being smeared onto Styrofoam tray. 

It's when I realize that I am not thinking with my mind on where to place a little bird or a letter but with something much deeper. My very soul has showed up to dance in the moment. I become for those few hours a true....artist.

In the end I looked down at my finished candle. I had given life to not only my intention but to something that before I sat down at the table had not existed in this world. It is truly amazing because I created it. It's a little piece of me expressed into being. Every time I light my candle it will bring me back to the energy felt within the circle and to my intention; to ground myself in nature and most importantly to simply CREATE; adding life and beautiful energy not only my own life but into world.

I hope you will Join us on Saturday, May 4th where you can invite your creative soul to Dance!

~Your Soul Sister Melissa

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