Monday, May 13, 2013

First Soul Sisters Saturday a Soulful Success!

Creative Souls,
I am sorry it took me so long to post. Our first event was amazing. We had a blast celebrating our Soulful Beautiful Selves! We scribbled out our stress, painted our our souls, created intention candles, expressed our inner outings in sacred circles, belly danced, did a little zumba and ate rainbow cake! 

For me it was a dream come true and just the beginning of the offerings of Soul Sisters Studio!

Watch this slideshow to see all the joy for yourself! I am trying to figure out how to share a larger version. I guess this is a start. You can also visit my Facebook page to see the full size version.

Special thanks to all the Soul Sisters who helped me pull this off!

Melissa Swindon and baby Jack- Registration Desk
Tameka Daymon-Cathey- Inner Outing Sacred Circle Wall
Rhonda St. Lawrence-Delgado- Intention Candles
Meghan Holbrook- Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing
Kayla Petway- Zumba
Sharyn Maysa Businelli - Massage Therapy

I also have to thank my mom for the refreshments donation and Dawn Rosado for making a MEGA Rainbow Cake!

Also, I can't forget Eve, Carlos and Margaret from CREATE. HERE.NOW Bridgeport, who believed in me and gave me a space to manifest my dream!!

Lots of Love!
Your Soul Sister Jennifer

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Soul Sisters Saturday is Finally Here! Let's Celebrate!!

Good Morning Beautiful Souls! 

Today is the day! 

We are so excited to welcome you all to Soul Sisters Studio. Pretty soon we will heading over to the studio to add the final touches, light candles and turn on the music! 

Today's schedule of events: 

2:00 PM-5:00 PM Open Studio

Discover the Scribble Out Your Stress Wall, Paint Out Your Soul, Inner Outing Sacred Circle Wall, Soul Sisters Studio Book Collection, Poetry Wall and Soul Sister Sharyn will be providing 10-minute chair massages!  

2:30 PM Welcome- Jennifer 

3:00 Belly Dance Demo Break- Meghan

4:00 PM Zumba Dance Break- Kayla 

4:45 PM GiveAways/Thank you! 

5:00 PM Doors Close 

Location: Create.Here.Now Bridgeport, 1042 Broad Street, Bpt, CT- Entrance is on John Street. Look for the Soul Sisters Studio Sandwich Board Sign!

Important Regarding Parking- For $5 you can park directly across the street from the Studio in the John Street Garage. I highly recommend this! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Inviting Our Creative Souls to Dance: Our 1st Official Soul Sister Studio Circle

Hello there beautiful souls!

I know it has been awhile but I have been diligently working at planning our Soul Sister Studio "PoP Up" event. My Soul Sisters and I got together in a circle last week to collaborate on ideas for the event and to make our own intention candles. We are so excited about the journey we are setting off on together and one day moving into a permanent space. With your support we know this will be possible.  

Soul Sister Saturday is going to be a fun event including intuitive painting, tribal fusion belly dance demos, make your own intention candles, sacred circle creative writing prompts and a boatload of books to explore on creativity, spirituality, health and healing. We also have a couple of surprises and some giveaways!

Today I have a blog post from my very talents sister Melissa, where she shares with you an inside glimpse into one of our circles and what you can expect. 

Last weekend Jennifer held a gathering of the Soul Sisters to create intention candles as a preparation circle for the upcoming Soul Sisters Studio pop up event in May. Its purpose not only served as a way for us to become familiar with creating the candles so we could better the experiences of the women attending the event but also so we as individuals could set our own personal intentions.

My intention for the circle was CREATE. I choose this intention simply because I want to add more creation into my life. Be it through relationships, writing, or in this case art. 
My candle theme presented itself after Jennifer had choose a card from the Earth Magic deck. Mine was Summer Solstice and Radiance. After reading the meaning the card: to be in nature. It confirmed for me that my intention of CREATE was perfect for this circle because where else but in nature does the most magnificent creation take place? It was from the meaning of this card that I gained my inspiration. 

I rummaged through the tissue paper, stickers and magazine clippings before me and found what spoke to my intention and theme of being in nature. I choose colorful paper birds, the word CREATE formed from stickers and a background of printed leaf tissue paper. Now here is the tricky part for me; putting it all together so that it looks amazing. 

I have never thought of myself as an artist. To be honest I have butchered a few stick figures in my day and when your sister is a creative genius it can lead to the idea that nothing you glue, cut or paint will ever be as pleasing and beautiful as what someone else has done.

However, I always jump at the chance to attend one of Jennifer's circles because of the energy she and the other Soul Sisters bring into the room and into my life. It's the conversations and the sound of paper being torn or seeing a tube of bright yellow paint being smeared onto Styrofoam tray. 

It's when I realize that I am not thinking with my mind on where to place a little bird or a letter but with something much deeper. My very soul has showed up to dance in the moment. I become for those few hours a true....artist.

In the end I looked down at my finished candle. I had given life to not only my intention but to something that before I sat down at the table had not existed in this world. It is truly amazing because I created it. It's a little piece of me expressed into being. Every time I light my candle it will bring me back to the energy felt within the circle and to my intention; to ground myself in nature and most importantly to simply CREATE; adding life and beautiful energy not only my own life but into world.

I hope you will Join us on Saturday, May 4th where you can invite your creative soul to Dance!

~Your Soul Sister Melissa

Friday, March 29, 2013

Announcing: Soul Sisters Saturday- Save the Date-Sign Up Here!

Dear Beautiful Souls- I am so happy to announce the first Soul Sisters Saturday!

This event came from discussions with the Create.Here.Now folks on ways to bring more energy and excitement to my creative dream for an Expressive Arts Studio in Bridgeport.

Me and a circle of my seriously supportive Soul Sisters will be hosting a "POP UP" Soul Sisters Studio for Creative Health and Healing at the Create.Here.Now space in Downtown Bridgeport on Saturday, May 4th from 2:00-5:00 PM.



This event is designed as a gift to you which also enables me to share the vision of my creative dream.

My intention for this event is to inspire women who are looking for ways to feed their soul and better their own health and healing.

I am also inviting women who are ready to step into their gifts are looking for a studio space to host circles, classes and workshops.

The more women who attend the bigger our collective power to bring a permanent space to life in the near future. I hope you can come support me and I can intern support you in getting to your goals and dreams.

I couldn't be more trilled to have this opportunity to share my vision with you. My dream is coming true and I want you to be there to share it with me. Come see my journals and drawings come to life.

Bring a friend, your mom, aunt, sister, daughter, cousin and lets have some fun! 

We have lots of  expressive experientials and surprises planned to help you feed your soul!

Please support new vibrant energy birthing in Bridgeport!

Share with your friends and family.

~This is a free event~ Save the Date! ~More details coming soon~

Click on link to sign up here and receive email updates:

Much love! Big Hug!

Your Soul Sister,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Calling all Soul Sisters-Step Into Your Magnificiance

Hi Beautiful Souls!

Most you know one of my dreams is to open up a creative health and healing studio for women.

A place where women can come together to GROW and CELEBRATE.

A space for you to retreat, find peace, RECONNECT TO YOUR SPIRIT and REVEAL YOUR MOST VIBRANT SELF. 

We as women need time to ourselves to rediscover our needs. We need to make sure we are taking time out of our busy schedules to nurture our 4 bodies- Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Our families are depending on us to be happy healthy women!

An amazing thing happened and I have been presented with an opportunity to manifest my dream!

I have been chosen to share my vision as part of a very important initiative to turn vacant downtown Bridgeport buildings into VIBRANT creative businesses.

Next month I will be hosting a Soul Sisters Studio pop-up event in the CREATE.HERE.NOW space in downtown Bridgeport.

My idea for this event is to introduce my vision for the Soul Sisters Collective and Studio to women of all ages in the Bridgeport area (This includes you Stratford/Trumbull/Fairfield!)

I also view this event as an opportunity to collaborate with you on what types classes/workshops/circles you are interested in.

I want to leave your Soul-Full!

I need to know if you are feeling stuck, depressed, anxious or just strait up stressed out and tired.

I want to know what your health and healing goals are. I want to know if you have a creative dream.

I am looking for Soul Sisters to collaborate with and women who want to embrace their inner Goddess and ignite the creative flame inside!

Do you teach dance, Yoga or another fitness class?

Are you a massage therapist, energy healer?

Do you teach Soul Singing? Use vibration/music for healing?

Do you have an idea/message/creative gift you would like to share with women to help them create celebrate their most Soulful Beautiful Selves?

Please reach out to me and JOIN MY MAILING LIST ;), I want to make sure you are part of the conversation. Plus- I really need your help!

A Poem for My Graduate School Journal-
Inspiration for the Soul Sisters Collective and Studio

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Timing IS Everything!

I have always thought of myself as a late bloomer.

I got my first period late. I got my boobs late. I finished college late.

What I realize now is maybe I am not as much a late bloomer as a slow one.

I understand now it is not about when you bloom but more importantly how you bloom.

I am definitely not one of those people who things come to easily. I have to work and work hard.

Most difficulties I have experienced along the way, were usually because of my own self-limited thoughts and feelings about myself.

Even all my the false starts and perceived disappointments in my life have opened me up just a little more.

I have done my best to actively learn from my mistakes and gain meaning from the lesson.

I am not going to lie, old habits and patterns are really hard to break. If your intention is to grow, be stronger, healthier and find balance you will get there. I promise.

Everyday just do the work, continue to pursue and seek. Continue to learn and reach out to other women and mentors.


You will have grown and blossomed into the women you knew you could be.

Timing IS Everything. Be patient. Do what you can today and leave the rest up to the universe. It is waiting to hear your call.

For today just take notice- what intentions have you been watering the soil of your life with?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sometimes There Are Paths and Sometimes You Have to Make Your Own

Last weekend my house was surrounded by 3 to 5ft of snow. I have never seen anything like it and when we went out to shovel, I was amazed by the walls of snow. For a minute it looked like it would take days to dig out and our poor bulldog Thomas had no where to do his business until we shoveled out a area for him. We quickly bundled up and got our tools in hand; me a shovel, my husband a snow blower and got to work.

Luckily, hours earlier, I had observed one of our neighbor's technique to removing such large amounts of snow. He would use the shovel to push and pull down the top foot and a half and then use the blower on the bottom half. He used this technique over and over until he cleared his whole driveway and out into the street. Teaming up with my husband, I pushed and pulled the top half of the snow down and he blew it into huge 6 ft piles in our yard. Together we cleared the driveway in no time at all.

Later that day, I realized I was going to run out of pull ups.Our roads were still not plowed and our city was in a state of an emergency. They told us it could be days until they got to us.  I am potty training my son, but he still needs them at night, so right away I called my babysitter who lives around the corner because I knew she had some.  I headed out on the foot path on our street created by other neighbors. As I walked along, I used the steps that were there before me until I got to a point where I noticed there were no more tracks. The snow was up to my thighs but I decided to just keep going. It was really hard work to make my way, but I figured I need the workout anyway. I took breaks to catch my breath and used a broom stick a neighbor gave me to help keep me steady.

Along the way, I would see neighbors who would caution me to take my time and others encourage me to keep going. I took one deep step after another until finally I got to my destination and plopped onto my butt for a rest. I felt relief when I was greeted by my babysitter, a big smile on her face as she handed me the bag of pull ups. On my way back home, I could see an easier way using some walking paths and a plowed street. When I returned home I felt accomplish in a small way. I had a taste of what it might be like for a frontier man/woman except without wolves and bears. :)

That night, I had a thought about my short journey around the corner. I realized that when we have a goal or dream in life there are paths that have been pre-made for us making the journey a little easier. Sometimes there are no paths and we have to make them ourselves, which is much harder.  We get tired, we may want to give up and turn around but if we keep going we can come upon those pre-made paths again. It just reminded me how important it is to keep you head up, listen to your inner voice, use the tools your are given along the way and  take encouragement from strangers. Find pre-laid paths when you can but also don't be afraid to work hard, sweat, let your heart race,  feel the blood pumping through your body and make your own paths. Give yourself the gift of accomplishment that comes from striving beyond your comfort zone because that my friends is where the magic happens! Plus, the paths you make can be used again and will make the journey a little easier for someone else.